NMR-derived secondary structure of the full-length Ox40 mRNA 3'UTR and its multivalent binding to the immunoregulatory RBP Roquin.

Tants JN, Becker LM, McNicoll F, Müller-McNicoll M, Schlundt A, Nucleic Acids Res (2022) Europe PMC

SASDN46 – Ox40 RNA (untranslated region, UTR) alternative decay element (ADE)

Ox40 3 UTR ADE
MWexperimental 16 kDa
MWexpected 16 kDa
VPorod 21 nm3
log I(s) 4.39×10-2 4.39×10-3 4.39×10-4 4.39×10-5
Ox40 3 UTR ADE small angle scattering data  s, nm-1
ln I(s)
Ox40 3 UTR ADE Guinier plot ln 4.39×10-2 Rg: 2.1 nm 0 (2.1 nm)-2 s2
Ox40 3 UTR ADE Kratky plot 1.104 0 3 sRg
Dmax: 7.2 nm

Data validation

There are no models related to this curve.

Synchrotron SAXS data from solutions of Ox40 RNA (untranslated region, UTR) alternative decay element (ADE) in 50 mM KCl, 25 mM sodium phosphate, pH 7 were collected on the EMBL P12 beam line at the PETRA III storage ring (Hamburg, Germany) using a Pilatus 6M detector at a sample-detector distance of 3 m and at a wavelength of λ = 0.124 nm (I(s) vs s, where s = 4πsinθ/λ, and 2θ is the scattering angle). One solute concentration of 1.39 mg/ml was measured at 20°C. 27 successive 0.145 second frames were collected. The data were normalized to the intensity of the transmitted beam and radially averaged; the scattering of the solvent-blank was subtracted.

Ox40 3 UTR ADE
Mol. type   RNA
Organism   Mus musculus
Olig. state   Monomer
Mon. MW   15.7 kDa
Sequence   FASTA