NET1 ΔC protein
Organism: Gallus gallus
Monomeric molecular weight: 49.5 kDa
Oligomeric state: Monomer
Total molecular weight: 49.5 kDa
UniProt: Q90922 (26-458)

Netrin-1 ΔC is an extracellular matrix glycoprotein. It was expressed in human embryonic kidney 293T cells and contain 3 N-linked glycosylation sites. Assuming the presence of 3 core pentasaccharides, the formula mass of the monomer would be 52.4 kDa. The expression construct encompasses the Laminin N-terminal (LN, VI) domain, Laminin EGF-like domain 1 (LE1, Vᵢ), Laminin EGF-like domain 2 (LE2, Vᵢᵢ) and Laminin EGF-like domain 3 (LE3, Vᵢᵢᵢ). The C-terminal NTR domain is missing.