Heparin oligosaccharide dp10 ammonium salt

dp10 molecule
Organism: Sus scrofa domesticus
Monomeric molecular weight: 3 kDa
Oligomeric state: Monomer
Total molecular weight: 3 kDa
Chemical formula:

Iduron catalogue # HO10. Prepared by controlled partial depolymerisation of unfractionated heparin by Heparinase I and separation of the derived oligosaccharides using high resolution gel filtration. General formula*: UA,2S – (GlcA,6S – IdoA,2S)ₙ – GlcA,6S. The uronic acid (UA) at the non-reducing end of the chain contains a C4-C5 double bond due to the endolytic action of Heparinase I. IdoA refers to L-iduronic acid. GlcA refers to D-glucuronic acid. 2S and 6S refer to the positions of the sulfate groups. *Although the main disaccharide unit in these products is IdoA,2S – GlcA,6S (approx. 75%), saccharides in each size class show some variation in degree and pattern of sulfation. dp = degree of polymerisation; dp10 is a decasaccharide (ₙ = 4). The number of heparin oligosaccarides in the complex with the Netrin-1 ΔC protein is unknown. The deposition tool requires me to enter a number, so I put 1.