SASBDB policies

The following page outlines the policies of the SASBDB.

Retraction policy

SASBDB maintains the following policy on retraction of entries, adapted from the relevant policy of wwPDB:

Typically, authors request that a previously released model be obsoleted when superseded by a replacement model resulting from an alternative interpretation of existing data or improved experimental data.

Per SASBDB policy, circumstances occasionally arise under which an obsoleted model is not superseded by a replacement model.

  1. The publication is retracted. The associated SASBDB entry will be obsoleted if requested by the journal. If a request has not been received, the SASBDB will do its best to contact the depositor and co-authors, (former) PIs, journal editors, etc. when made aware of the retraction. If the reason(s) for retraction were such that the associated SASBDB entry needs to be made obsolete, the SASBDB will obsolete the entry. The citation in the obsoleted entry is the published journal retraction.
  2. The main entry author obsoletes the entry.
  3. A third-party (such as the employer) requests that the entry is obsoleted (e.g., in case of malfeasance). In such cases, the SASBDB will obsolete the entry if either the primary citation for the model is retracted or a formal report by an appropriate government or supranational agency in the region is published.

In all cases, the entry must contain a statement specifying the reason for obsoleting the entry (data and models).