Mg2+-dependent conformational equilibria in CorA and an integrated view on transport regulation.

Johansen NT, Bonaccorsi M, Bengtsen T, Larsen AH, Tidemand FG, Pedersen MC, Huda P, Berndtsson J, Darwish T, Yepuri NR, Martel A, Pomorski TG, Bertarello A, Sansom M, Rapp M, Crehuet R, Schubeis T, Lindorff-Larsen K, Pintacuda G, Arleth L, Elife 11 (2022) Europe PMC

SASDM72 – Cobalt/magnesium transport protein CorA in match-out deuterated nanodiscs with bound Mg2+

Cobalt/magnesium transport protein CorA
MWI(0) 205 kDa
MWexpected 208 kDa
log I(s) 1.13×10-1 1.13×10-2 1.13×10-3 1.13×10-4
Cobalt/magnesium transport protein CorA small angle scattering data  s, nm-1
ln I(s)
Cobalt/magnesium transport protein CorA Guinier plot ln 1.14×10-1 Rg: 4.9 nm 0 (4.9 nm)-2 s2
Cobalt/magnesium transport protein CorA Kratky plot 1.104 0 3 sRg
Cobalt/magnesium transport protein CorA pair distance distribution function Rg: 4.4 nm 0 Dmax: 14.3 nm

Data validation

There are no models related to this curve.

SANS data from solutions of CorA in deuterated nanodiscs in 20 mM Tris-DCl, 150 mM NaCl, 40 mM MgCl2, 100% D2O, pH 7.5 were collected on the D22 instrument at the ILL (Grenoble, France) using a Reuter-Stokes 3He 128 linear sensitive multidetector at a neutron wavelength of λ = 0.6 nm (I(s) vs s, where s = 4πsinθ/λ, and 2θ is the scattering angle). Samples were measured at 11°C. The data were normalized to the intensity of the transmitted beam and radially averaged; the scattering of the solvent-blank was subtracted.

The data were collected using the SEC-SANS setup at D22 at ILL. Sample concentrations were estimated from the UV absorption measured on the sample cell in perpendicular direction to the neutron beam. The data were obtained from two separate SEC-SANS runs with different sample-to-detector distances of 11.2 m and 2.0 (with offset), respectively, and subsequently merged into one file. The basic SEC parameters were as follows: Column type : Superose6 Increase 10/300 GL; Sample Injection: 150 µl of 35 µM (ca. 14.5 mg/ml); Column flow-rates: 0.4 ml/min before sample elution peak, 0.05 ml/min during peak elution, 0.5 ml /min after peak elution.

Cobalt/magnesium transport protein CorA (TmCorA)
Mol. type   Protein
Organism   Thermotoga maritima (strain ATCC 43589 / DSM 3109 / JCM 10099 / NBRC 100826 / MSB8)
Olig. state   Pentamer
Mon. MW   41.5 kDa
UniProt   Q9WZ31 (1-351)
Sequence   FASTA