Structural Characterization of Sphingomonas sp. KT-1 PahZ1-Catalyzed Biodegradation of Thermally Synthesized Poly(aspartic acid)

Brambley C, Bolay A, Salvo H, Jansch A, Yared T, Miller J, Wallen J, Weiland M
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering (2020 Jul 13)

doi: 10.1021/acssuschemeng.0c01158
Submitted to SASBDB: 2020 Jan 1
Published in SASBDB:

SASDHR4 – A structural characterization of poly(aspartic acid) hydrolase-1 from Sphingomonas sp. KT-1

Poly(Aspartic acid) hydrolase-1 experimental SAS data
Sample: Poly(Aspartic acid) hydrolase-1 dimer, 65 kDa Sphingomonas sp. KT-1 protein
Buffer: 20 mM Tris pH 7.0, 100 mM NaCl, 1 mM DTT, pH: 7
Experiment: SAXS data collected at 12.3.1 (SIBYLS), Advanced Light Source (ALS) on 2018 Nov 27
RgGuinier 2.7 nm
Dmax 8.9 nm
VolumePorod 66 nm3