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Small angle scattering (SAS) of X-ray and neutrons provides structural information on biological macromolecules in solution at a resolution of 1-2 nm.
SASBDB is a fully searchable curated repository of freely accessible and downloadable experimental data, which are deposited together with the relevant experimental conditions, sample details, derived models and their fits to the data.

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SASDGB5 – The PDZ1-2 domain of postsynaptic density protein 95 (PSD-95) bound to RRESEI peptide

PDZ1-2 fragment of PSD-95/Disks large homolog 4 experimental SAS data
OTHER model
Sample: PDZ1-2 fragment of PSD-95/Disks large homolog 4 monomer, 21 kDa Homo sapiens protein
Buffer: 20 mM TRIS/HCl, 150 mM NaCl + 10 mM RRESEI, pH: 8.5
Experiment: SAXS data collected at EMBL P12, PETRA III on 2015 Jun 11
The dual PDZ domain from Postsynaptic density protein 95 forms a scaffold with peptide ligand Biophysical Journal (2020)
Rodzli N, Lockhart-Cairns M, Levy C, Chipperfield J, Bird L, Baldock C, Prince S
RgGuinier 3.0 nm
Dmax 13.1 nm
VolumePorod 32 nm3

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