On the Occurrence and Multimerization of Two-Polypeptide Phage Endolysins Encoded in Single Genes.

Pinto D, Gonçalo R, Louro M, Silva MS, Hernandez G, Cordeiro TN, Cordeiro C, São-José C
Microbiol Spectr :e0103722 (2022 Jul 25)
PMID: 35876588
doi: 10.1128/spectrum.01037-22
Submitted to SASBDB: 2022 Feb 11
Published in SASBDB:

SASDNU5 – Lysin from Streptococcus phage P7951 ∆1-208

lysin [Streptococcus phage P7951] experimental SAS data
Sample: Lysin [Streptococcus phage P7951] hexamer, 65 kDa Streptococcus phage P7951 protein
Buffer: 50 mM HEPES, 500 mM NaCl, and 1% glycerol, pH: 7
Experiment: SAXS data collected at BM29, ESRF on 2021 Nov 21
RgGuinier 3.1 nm
Dmax 10.1 nm
VolumePorod 111 nm3