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Hypothetical exported protein experimental SAS data
CORAL model
Sample: Hypothetical exported protein trimer, 83 kDa Salmonella typhimurium (strain … protein
Buffer: 25 mM TRIS, 150 mM NaCl, pH: 7.5
Experiment: SAXS data collected at SAXS/WAXS, Australian Synchrotron on 2019 Aug 14
Salmonella enterica BcfH is a trimeric thioredoxin-like bifunctional enzyme with both thiol oxidase and disulfide isomerase activities. Antioxid Redox Signal (2021)
Subedi P, Paxman JJ, Wang G, Hor L, Hong Y, Verderosa AD, Whitten AE, Panjikar S, Santos-Martin CF, Martin JL, Totsika M, Heras B
RgGuinier 3.2 nm
Dmax 11.5 nm
VolumePorod 93 nm3